*Venue changes may occur as needed so check website a few hours prior to class to confirm location/times

*Please arrive 10-15mins early...we do NOT wait for late students and often the venue doors will be closed at the start time scheduled. Failure to arrive early or on time will require rescheduling and a late/no show fee of $30

                  ***UPDATE: COLORADO CLASSES!*** 
        Email register to join ANY CLASS TIME in ANY CITY in COLORADO that we have listed!!!

Cities highlighted in GREEN are apart of the next Class Series for FEBRUARY!

*Classes are approx. 2hrs long but may run later for larger classes

* CLICK HERE for our Updated COLORADO schedule!!!

 Fort Collins:  Best Western University Inn: 914 S College Ave. Fort Collins

​ Loveland: Best Western Plus Crossroads & Conference Cntr:  5542 E. US Hwy 34, Loveland 

Denver/Westminster: Double Tree-Hilton Hotel: 8773 Yates Drive, Westminster

Aurora: Double Tree by Hilton Denver-Aurora: 13696 E. Iliff Place Aurora 

Colorado Springs: Hilton Garden Inn -  2035 Aerotech Drive, Colorado Springs
                                            (Colorado Springs Airport)

Boulder:  Best Western Plus Boulder Inn: 770 28th Street, Boulder


We REDEEM vouchers to reserve your seat in class!!!

We rotate venues so please, don't wait...as you are welcome to sign up for ANY class listed above with open seating in ANY city for DECEMBER Series within Colorado!

*Please wait a full 72hrs to receive your "reservation confirmation email with instructions" from ADAT before resending another "class reservation request" email. As multiple same sender emails slows down how fast we can get students registered. *

Our CLASSROOM courses now include complimentary prerequisite online video material for students to watch prior to attending our classroom courses offered in the state of Colorado.

The online video material link will be included in your confirmation email.

The addition of the FREE online video material is to ensure our students enhance their learning experience, while also fulfilling the required obligation (set by the state of Colorado) of participating in our "Instructor Lead" classroom course!

The exclusive content of our curriculum offers our students the best information on the market and the ability to enhance their learning experience with multiple review opportunity!



*With the passing of the NEWEST LAWS, Colorado Residents will NO LONGER have the option for Online Training only classes Starting July 1st 2013.*

Starting July 1st 2013 ALL of our courses will have MANDATORY Classroom requirements as we intend to continue serving Colorado residents. 

The sad reality of the law changes in Colorado do make it more difficult for Firearm Industry Professionals to want to operate within the state but we are going to do our best to continue to offer what we know is needed...the ability to REGAIN YOUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT BACK!

 County Sheriffs are ELECTED OFFICIALS who are SWORN to protect the Constitution and therefore the RIGHTS of those who elected them...keep this in mind during VOTING SEASON!

Read below for more info on your "shall issue" state that seems to operate more like a MAY ISSUE state with loopholes that can be used against you. 

​All students have had access to the information below and we have ALWAYS been upfront about the risks associated with ANY format of certification in the state of COLORADO...its subjective even when state law should bring about uniformity.

Simply put, NO CLASS guarantees you won't have issues and why researching your state, county has always been suggested along with checking out RMGO.ORG for statewide issues and bills concerning gun law in Colorado.

​*Remember its a community responsibility to ELECT Sheriff's who are PRO CONSTITUTION!*

                                                     Students please read below for more info.
Colorado Class Schedule
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CLICK HERE if you want to understand what a Sheriff's role is supposed to be and why they were SWORN IN to uphold the CONSTITUTION in order to protect the people. Any Sheriff that refuses any training certifications is in direct contradiction of the Constitution as its already your RIGHT...the requirement of a permit/license is actually ILLEGAL to require!!!

CLICK HERE if you want to view the HYPOCRACY that some Counties who discriminate against students for Online Training are yet some of the very ones who helped CREATE the ONLINE TRAINING programs for County Sheriff Training!

For those interested in learning more about the "not quite" shall issue state of Colorado and why Online Training are being discriminated against please read the following and check out the website links.*This is relevant to Permit Application*

​RMGO: Organization dedicated to 2nd Amendment Right Education

Please remember that your STATE statues allow for the "discretion" of County Sheriff's to deny or revoke either your application or a permit regardless of meeting ALL the requirements at their sole discretion at any time!!!

Those that take ANY course for the purpose of applying for a CHP permit do so to educate themselves and certify under the requirements of the State of Colorado however, it does not necessarily mean applicants will be approved.

CBI, CSOC and RMGO are the organizations that have the ability to assist you further in regards to interpretation of the statues (CBI) ensure County Sheriff's follow state law (CSOC) or assist you in with your 2nd Amendment Rights (RMGO) when all else fails.

~ REMEMBER which Sheriff's are "PRO Constitution" Supporters when your voting! ~

Our sincerest condolences to those families who lost loved ones, friends and to the injured in the the recent theater shooting in Aurora.

You are in our prayers.
​How To Register For A Class

First, check schedule below and once you see one class time that fits your schedule you will need to do the following:

- Email ccwinfo@adatccw.com to redeem your voucher and reserve your spot and include:

Name, Cell Number, Deal Site Name, Redemption Number, City and the Date/Time of class you wish to attend. 

If your registering multiple people please provide the above info for each person and in the order you see mentioned...this speeds up the registration process so we can get you set up faster!

***Once you are registered you will be emailed a confirmation that will include further instructions pertaining to the class itself and links to prerequisite videos.***

See you soon and thank you for your business!